ADM announces global trends set to drive nutrition ınnovation for 2023

06 December 20226 min reading

New research based on ADM’s far-reaching global network highlights trending focus areas for consumers around the world.

ADM, a global leader in human and animal nutrition, unveiled its third annual outlook on the global consumer trends that will shape the food, beverage and animal nutrition industries and drive market growth in the years ahead.

Dissecting the intersection of health and well-being, sustainability and food security, ADM has identified eight spaces that detail consumers’ evolving behaviors, attitudes and aspirations. The eight areas serve as anchor points to inspire innovation, ushering in a new wave of products and services for 2023.

“Often interconnected, these key themes are permeating throughout consumers’ choices, demands and expectations of brands,” said Brad Schwan, vice president of marketing for ADM. “The desire for a healthy mind, body and soul, as well as the global community and planet, is manifesting in proactive and decisive conscientious consumption across categories. As consumers look to prioritize what is most important to them, they want nutrition brands to do the same. Companies that can nimbly evolve alongside consumers are poised for success in the coming year and beyond.”