Ahead of public offering, Söke Un establishes bakery production facility

07 October 20222 min reading

Söke Un, one of Turkey’s top 5 flour producers, is preparing for a public offering. Söke Un’s Chairman Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy said that they aim to grow in the sector through the production of bakery products in the new period.

Söke Un, Turkey’s first packaged flour brand and one of the important players in the retail market, increased its target after it was acquired by Ulusoy Un. On January 11, 2022, Ulusoy Un, one of the leading food companies in Turkey, bought the company, which has been producing baklava, pastry, dough and traditional flours for the domestic market since 1963.

Giving information about the new term targets of Söke Un, which has a daily production capacity of 1,400 tons in 2 factories in Aydın Söke and Ankara Sincan, Söke Un Chairman of the Board Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy said that the brand’s efforts to establish a production facility for producing bakery products are going on. 

Ulusoy stated that Söke Un is the most well-known flour brand among consumers and they aim to become the most well-known brand of Turkey also in the bakery products sector. He said that they plan to commission the bakery products production facility in 2023 and added: “The first product group we will produce will be cookies and bakery snacks. For this, we have completed our demo facility and started cooking trials.”

Ulusoy announced that they are planning to offer Söke Un, which is among the top 5 flour producers in Turkey, to the public, and that they aim to grow in the bakery products sector with new facilities. He said that they will make renewable energy investments in 2023 for the energy needs of Söke Un.

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