Altuntop to showcase new products at IBAKTECH

03 March 20224 min reading

Altuntop Isı ve Makina Sanayi, which has made many innovations in bakery equipment for more than 30 years, also draws attention with its investments in the baklava sector. The company is preparing to offer many new products to the sector at the IBAKTECH Exhibition.

Bakery and bakery equipment continues to be one of the shining sectors of the last period. Altuntop Isı ve Makina Sanayi, which has been serving in bakery equipment for over 30 years and has made many innovations in the sector, has set its sights high. A strong supplier, the company proceeds on its way rapidly by improving its product range thanks to its new investments. As one of the leading representatives of the sector, the company exports the bakery and pastry equipment they produce in Turkey to nearly 100 countries. Stating that the R&D department continues to work very hard to meet customer demands, Altuntop Isı ve Makine Sanayi CEO Salwan Naji noted that they maintain their investments that increased their production capacity by 40 percent with the motto of not leaving a point where they do not sell products at home and abroad. 

Stating that they quickly meet customer demands without sacrificing quality, Altuntop Isı ve Makine Sanayi CEO Salwan Naji said: "We have created jobs and contributed to the country's economy by making large-scale investments in the industry so far. We are very active in domestic and international markets. There is a great interest and trust in our company from the sector. In order to meet our customers' demands, we have expanded our production areas. With this investment move, we are one step closer to our goals.”

Naji stated that their products now serve also as an accessory for their customers in addition to their main baking functions and added: “Bakery machines used to be kept out of sight by businesses. Now, we witness that our products are within sight thanks to the design and the quality of the product used. Today, when you walk into any business, Altuntop products bearing our logo will welcome you. Our ovens befit businesses like accessories.”  

One of the new products that Altuntop will showcase at the exhibition will be Baklawa Hamur (Phillo) developed by the R&D department. Salwan Naji said, “The body of the machine and all the parts that come into contact with the dough are made of stainless steel. The machine, which is produced with the latest technology and produces 80 kilograms of very thin baklava dough per hour, has become quite popular among baklava producers. This machine allows you to have a large amount of baklava phyllo in a short time. Baklawa Machine rolls the dough at the desired fineness and provides the dough in a ready-to-use form. Thanks to this feature, baklava can be produced swiftly. The operation of our machine is very simple. After putting the dough into the feeding unit, necessary adjustments are made for the dough thickness on the digital touch screen. The dough passed through 3 rollers is taken to the starch unit by a conveyor. The roller wraps the thin dough.”

As one of Turkey's leading manufacturers of bakery machines, Altuntop continues to expand its customer network by serving different markets around the world without sacrificing technology and quality. Naji stated that Altuntop has proven that it has advantages over its domestic and foreign competitors by making a name for itself through its investments.

Proceeding on its way by using the latest technology, Altuntop Isı ve Makine continues to represent the Turkish brand with the products by Turkish engineers at domestic and international exhibitions. Altuntop will be in close contact with its customers at the exhibition and have the opportunity to promote the product. 

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