"An oven that saves 70 percent on electricity: G-Stone"

16 May 20234 min reading

"All the products we cook in our electric model are also cooked in our natural gas oven G-Stone without any problems. Our oven, which saves 70 percent energy compared to our electric model, is highly appreciated in this respect. The oven heats up 65 percent faster during the first operation compared to its electric counterparts. This oven runs smoothly without the need for a chimney system."


Ramazan Güven

General Manager

FİMAK Fırın ve Gastronomi Makinaları


The bakery industry is undergoing a technological transformation that is revolutionizing the production of baked goods, increasing efficiency and ensuring consistent quality. As technology continues to advance, baking machines are being produced that move the bakery industry forward and enable bakers to reach new levels of precision, efficiency, and creativity in producing delicious baked goods. One of these is the G-Stone natural gas stone-based multi-deck oven developed by FİMAK Fırın ve Gastronomi Makinaları, one of Turkey's leading bakery machinery companies. We had a conversation with Ramazan Güven, General Manager of FİMAK, about the developments in the sector and G-Stone.


Dear Mr. Güven, what are the reflections of the rapidly developing technology in the bakery sector on your company?

We are a company that takes into account the demands coming from the sector. After the Covid-19 pandemic that emerged in 2020 and affected the whole world, when raw material and input costs increased, our R&D department carried out significant studies. We unveiled many products we developed during this period for the first time at Bakery Plus, one of the most important meetings of the sector. FİMAK's new products and new technologies that will go over with a bang in the sector attracted great attention.


Which was your newest and most striking model?

One of our new products is the G-Stone model, which is the natural gas model of our E-Stone electric stone-based multi-deck oven, which is one of our most popular ovens in the sector, which you are also very familiar with. What did we do in G-Stone? First of all, the features of our electric model such as balanced cooking, top and bottom heat adjustment, and modular structure have been retained. The first question that may come to mind is why we made an oven with similar features. After the Covid-19 pandemic that affected the whole world, the increasing electrical energy costs in 2021 led us to unveil the G-Stone model. Upon heavy demand from the bakery sector, we, together with our R&D team, quickly reconsidered our project of which preliminary studies had been initiated towards the end of 2021. After long research and trials by our R&D team, the materials, parts and software technologies we will use in our oven have been determined.


Can you inform us about the features of this G-Stone model oven?

The most prominent feature of our combustion system is to provide heating without any direct flame to the product in the cooking chamber and to cook with stagnant heat by creating heat energy in the most efficient way. Our oven, which has a different combustion system from its counterparts, creates minimum energy consumption and minimum flue gas emission. In this way, a product that is both environmentally friendly and adds positive value to the cost of the products produced by the sector has emerged. All the products we cook in our electric model are cooked in our natural gas oven in the same way without any problems. Our oven, which provides an energy saving of 70% compared to our electric model, is highly appreciated in this respect. Our oven heats up 65 percent faster during the first operation compared to other similar ovens operating with electrical energy.  In addition, this oven runs without a chimney system.


What kind of technological products will we see from your company in the future?

FİMAK will continue to meet the needs and demands of the sector by continuing its Research and Development activities without interruption as always. We will continue to make production in line with the changing needs of the sector.

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