Bakers Federation President Balcı restores trust

06 July 20222 min reading

At the 7th Ordinary Congress of the Turkish Bakers Federation, Halil İbrahim Balcı was re-elected President by receiving 282 votes from 366 delegates. President of Bakers Federation Halil İbrahim Balcı restored trust.

In the 7th Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Bakers Federation held in Ankara, 366 delegates voted in the election, which was held with a single list. The current President Halil İbrahim Balcı, who entered the election as the only candidate, was re-elected with 282 of the votes.

After the results were announced, Balcı thanked the delegates in his speech and said, "We will continue to work. The winners have been bakers. We will continue to find solutions to our problems together. Our work about the sector will continue. Hand to hand, with the unity and solidarity we have, I hope we will do a lot of work and increase the rising value of our industry." 

Balcı stated that they are working hard on flour regulation. “We are continuing our negotiations on this so that no unjust treatment will occur. There was support for flour, but the important thing is how this support will be, for how many companies it will be and how easily our bakers will reach it. There should be no misappropriation. Our meetings on this will continue. We are going through a difficult period. According to our calculations, if there was no flour support, a 50-kg flour sack would be 450 TRY. In this case, we calculated that 200 grams of bread would not be enough for the baker even if it was 5 TRY. I think that the managers will act with the awareness of their responsibilities, just as our bakers undertake and assume responsibility so that the flour that TMO provides to the baker within the scope of the flour regulation continues sustainably so that the tradesmen and citizens do not suffer,” Balcı concluded.

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