Cargill deploys WHO's “Trans Fat” criteria globally

28 January 20222 min reading

Cargill became "the first global edible oil supplier" to implement WHO's “Trans Fat” criteria worldwide. Cargill, which started trans-fat-free production in Turkey years ago, now carries this practice to the global scale.

Cargill announced that it will implement the standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) of “maximum two grams of industrial trans fatty acids (iTFA) per 100 grams of fat/oil” in its entire portfolio of edible oils produced around the world, by the end of 2023.

Cargill, which switched to trans-fat-free production years ago for all of its oil production in Turkey, has removed approximately half a billion tons of iTFA from the global food supply in the past 25 years. Thus, approximately 89 percent of the edible oil portfolio produced by Cargill worldwide was produced in accordance with WHO's best practice criteria in the field of iTFA. With this commitment, Cargill has ensured that 100 percent of its edible oil portfolio worldwide will comply with WHO's recommended best practice criteria, including in countries where it has no legal obligations. 

In addition to reshaping its global portfolio to take this final step, the company is making significant investments in upgrades and processing changes at many oil manufacturing sites. Cargill, which had taken action on trans fats in Turkey before many other countries, is putting this approach into practice all over the world. 

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