Emerging technology for the frozen product market

13 September 20221 min reading

Frozen bakery products are becoming an integral part of the daily diet of consumers around the world, especially in Europe. At the moment the share of frozen bakery products reaches 80% of the total amount of manufactured products in Europe and the USA, which indicates the inevitable popularization of such products in the near future around the world.

The development of the technology has offered the bakery industry such solutions for products that the finished products from frozen bakery products have the taste, color and aroma of the classic version. With the development of freezing technologies, the world market is witnessing the rapid growth of the bread shelf, where the problems of the short shelf life of flour products are solved. This format provides for a reduction in the time spent on the production process and noticeably increases the shelf life. Frozen bakery products do not require immediate baking, so bakers, shops, cafes, restaurants, and consumers themselves prefer such products. 

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