Increasing energy prices in Italy to lower heat of pasta

31 October 20222 min reading

Together with the rising energy prices in Europe, cooking spaghetti and similar pasta-type dishes over low heat is being discussed in Italy for economizing purposes.

The Moscow-Ukraine war and the natural gas crisis across the European Union brought about a different discussion in Italy. Factories, shop and restaurant owners, citizens, in short, all segments of society complain about the rising energy prices in Europe due to the increase in energy prices.

And in Italy, which is famous for its cuisine, cooking traditional spaghetti and pasta-like dishes with only boiled water is on the agenda after the increase in energy prices. The aim is here to save money whether electric or natural gas by turning down the burner.

Italian chefs state that pasta can be cooked by just soaking it in boiling water, but its taste will be worse compared to regular cooking methods. Wasfi Mesieha, head chef of a 100-year-old restaurant in the capital city of Rome, states that they are deeply concerned about the increase in energy prices in the country and that this situation causes people to lean towards the idea of cooking traditional pasta cooked in boiling water instead of using stoves.

According to Italian energy company TERNA, energy prices in the country will continue to rise because 50 percent of power generation in Italy is made using natural gas. The unit price of natural gas in Amsterdam TFF has skyrocketed. With this development, the megawatt price of electricity was closed at 207 Euros last week. This figure was 31 Euros in September 2021.

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