Pakun kickstarts investments with SPP project

11 August 20232 min reading
Flour producer and exporter Pakun has pushed the button for a sustainable future. The investment incentive certificate has been approved for the Solar Energy System (SES) project it will initiate in Demirci district of Manisa.

Pakun Chairman of the Board Niyazi Durgun said, “With the strength we derive from our half-century of experience, we are working tirelessly to create a better future. As a start, we take pride in contributing to a sustainable future with our renewable energy investment that we will implement in Manisa. We will continue our eco-friendly investments rapidly for a strong, clean, efficient future.”
The project to be built on a 53-acre land in Demirci District of Manisa province will cost approximately 3.75 million dollars while the annual electricity production expectation will be around 8.5 million kWh.

In the statement made by Pakun, it was reported that after Manisa, an investment incentive certificate was applied for a second project with a power of 3.00 MWp in Kalecik district of Ankara province, and the annual electricity production expectation from this project to be built on 41 acres is approximately 4.8 million kWh. The investment amount of the project, which is still in the permission stage, will be approximately 2.25 million dollars.
With the realization of the SPP projects, the electricity costs of Pakun’s 2 factories located in Samsun-Bafra and Tekirdağ-Çorlu will be covered by these power plants. Thanks to the projects, an electricity sale of 2.3 million kWh can be made annually in terms of electricity production and consumption. With the implementation of the projects, Pakun’s total energy production is planned as 13.3 million kWh, while the current value of this production corresponds to 33.25 million TRY.

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