Samyang Foods, extends global reach with Tangle

10 October 20232 min reading

Korean F&B brand Samyang Foods unveiled Tangle, an overseas air dried pasta brand exclusively available abroad. The brand launched its first product, Tangle Bulgogi Alfredo Tangluccine, an instant pasta with flavors inspired by traditional Korean flavors.

The premium air dried noodles, born at the new factory in Miryang, Korea, are a result of a long period of boiling, followed by a long period of low-temperature drying to achieve bouncy textures similar to hand-pulled noodles. The name “Tangluccine” combines “tangle,” meaning bouncy in Korean, with “fettuccine,” referring to the flat, wide noodles. Along with the name, Tangle’s unique differentiated brand design has been awarded the 2023 Good Design Award in the area of Brand Design.

Tangle Bulgogi Alfredo Tangluccine is an accessible approach for American consumers, adding the distinct Korean flavor of Bulgogi to the already familiar Alfredo sauce. The sauce for this Korean pasta adds a savory and sweet touch to create a distinct flavor that is unique to the brand. The newly launched product offers a Korean twist to everyday pasta, offering air dried noodles that’s easy to enjoy even for those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine.

The new Tangle Bulgogi Alfredo Tangluccine has been released in U.S. and Canada, with plans to extend availability to Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and Asia in the future. Through Tangle, Samyang Foods hopes to sustainably expand its Korean pasta products, creating and leading this new K-pasta market.

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