TFIF, TMO compare notes on grain and flour markets

10 June 20221 min reading
Turkish Flour Industrialists' Federation (TUSAF) Chairman Haluk Tezcan and Board Members visited the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) and met with the Chairman and General Manager Ahmet Güldal.
General Manager Ahmet Güldal thanked the newly appointed TFIF Board for their kind visit and said, “I wish success to the newly elected TUSAF Chairman Haluk Tezcan and Board Members in their new term work. We had a very productive meeting for the sector. We compared notes on the grain and flour markets. I hope that we will have a productive season with cooperation in the new period as well.”
TUSAF Chairman Haluk Tezcan expressed his appreciation for the visit. “We, as the new management of TUSAF, are at TMO. TMO is the most important institution in our industry. We have full confidence that we will carry out coordinated and efficient work in the future, as we have done so far,” he said.

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