"Tips of Life" by Murat Ülker

13 September 20222 min reading

The book "Life Tips 3: A Plain Expression of Difficult Subjects" by Murat Ülker, Chairman of pladis and GODIVA, in which he gives tips on success in business life and includes his views on art and travel notes, met with the reader.

The book entitled "Life Tips 3: A Plain Expression of Difficult Subjects" penned by veteran businessman Murat Ülker, who wrote articles to convey his experiences to people from all walks of life, after long years at Yıldız Holding, one of the largest private sector companies in Turkey, operating with more than 300 brands in more than 130 countries, has hit the shelves.

The new book by Murat Ülker, who simultaneously continues to serve as the Board Member of Yıldız Holding and the Chairman of pladis and GODIVA, includes sections such as "Sustainable Business Models", "Future World", "Food Safety" and "Personal Notes". Murat Ülker, who won the "Best Business Book of the Year" award from Platin İş Kitapları Ödülleri for his first book, "Life Tips - A Plain Expression of Difficult Subjects", published in July 2021, makes striking predictions about the future in his new book, in which he conveyed his personal observations and experiences.

Murat Ülker, who met with the journalists at the introductory meeting of his new book Life Tips 3, made the following assessments: “In this book, I tried to convey my views and evaluations, which I gathered under different topics, to the readers with a sincere tongue. While the world is changing at such a rapid pace, I believe what is important is not only to witness this change, but also to be able to analyze this change accurately. I hope my new book will add to the mental universe of the readers and pave the way for inspiring new ideas that will increase their personal motivation.”

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