UPL draws attention to carbon emissions with World Cup sponsorship

18 January 20232 min reading

With its sponsorship agreement with FIFA, agriculture solutions company UPL used the energy and enthusiasm of football for sustainable agriculture, with which food can secure the future.

As one of the top five agricultural solutions companies in the world, UPL provides sustainable agricultural products and solutions on a global scale. As part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 events, UPL aims to develop carbon reduction projects while investing in sustainable farming practices in South America. With the project announced as the Gigaton Carbon Goal, UPL will lead the way for the reduction of 1 billion tons of carbon emissions. With this initiative, the firm aims to scale it up to impact more than 100 million hectares worldwide.

 Based on football’s universal language, UPL pioneered outreach programs through campaigns and media announcements in the South American region as a regional supporter of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. In this way, the world giant company revealed its vision aiming to increase awareness in the field of improved agricultural practices such as carbon capture and storage technology.

With the agreement signed with the FIFA Foundation in August 2020, UPL met on a common platform to raise awareness about many important social and environmental problems such as sustainable development and environmental protection through football. 

Murat Yahyaoğlu, UPL’s Country Manager for Türkiye, who participated in the FIFA World Cup, which started in Qatar on November 20, 2022 and became the center of global attention for 40 days, said, “Agriculture is a very difficult and challenging sector. After our intensive work, we share this beautiful atmosphere in Qatar. At UPL, we continue to achieve our global values and goals continuously, we carry our company to a different level by doing more than our part as Türkiye. With our ProNutiva program and NPP project tests, we realized the motto ‘impossible is nothing’ with one team and one focus. While underlining that we stand by our farmers at every opportunity with conventional agriculture and innovative agricultural solutions, we have shown once again that bio-solutions are the absolute result by minimizing the use of chemicals and that we, as UPL, have achieved this.”

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