Antalya Municipality to establish bread factory

03 March 20222 min reading

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek said that the preparations for the Public Bread Factory are going on. Mayor Böcek said that the factory, which will be equipped with the latest technology in a closed area of 1,000 square meters, will have a capacity of 120 thousand loaves of bread.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to open its own bread factory. Public Bread Factory, which has a closed area of 1000 square meters on a land of 2 thousand 200 square meters in Döşemealtı, Antalya will cost 20 million TL.

President Muhittin Böcek examined the factory area and said that they decided to establish this factory due to the increase in demand for Public Bread. Böcek said, “We will open our own Public Bread factory, which will cost 20 million liras, with our own resources. We aim to start production in April. We will offer this bread factory with a capacity of 120 thousand to the disposal of all our citizens. As a municipality, we will subsidize it. We will support with our own resources."

Emphasizing that the factory will be natural gas-operated and won't cause air pollution, Böcek stated that bread, water and electricity have become more of an issue due to economic woes. The Mayor expressed that they took action quickly upon the rising demand. “I don't want to do politics over bread. However, we have to consider what's best for our people. I won the election promising to remediate the problems of our citizens. We are doing the necessary," he said. Underlining that the Public Bread Factory was privatized in 2006, Muhittin Böcek reminded that the private company had barely ties with the municipality upon the protocols signed. Thereupon, he said that the municipality decided to establish its own bread factory.

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