Barry Callebaut Turkey expands product range of Chocovic brand

08 February 20222 min reading

Barry Callebaut Turkey is expanding the product range of the Chocovic brand with its new investments in the Eskişehir factory. Chocovic dark and milk 2.5 kg block chocolate and filling pralines will now be produced in Barry Callebaut's Eskişehir factory.

Barry Callebaut expands the product range of the Chocovic brand, which is suitable for all kinds of use in pastry, bakery products and confectionery, with block chocolate and filling praline varieties. Chocovic's 2.5 kg block chocolates, which will go on sale at the end of February, will be presented to industry professionals in Istanbul in March.

Chocovic filling pralines, which will be put on sale in April, will make a difference in the bakery and pastry sector in terms of both taste and ease of application, thanks to their ability to be cooked and their correct performance in direct use applications.

Barry Callebaut, the world leader in the chocolate and cocoa industry with over 175 years of experience, continues to expand its product range with the Chocovic brand complying with the needs of its customers. The company will start the sales of dark and milk block chocolate products of Chocovic, the most preferred brand in terms of price & performance, especially in the semi-industrial sector and by gourmets in the pastry sector, at the end of February. 

Chocovic dark and milk block chocolates, which will be sold in 2.5 kg packs for the use of gourmet customers who want to make a difference in their products, allow grating in the application. Chocovic, a Spanish-origin chocolate brand that has been meeting with consumers since 1872, is especially preferred in Mediterranean countries with its unique flavor.  

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