Big appointment in Barilla

11 August 20172 min reading
After its successful 10-year success within Barilla, Güneş Karababa has been headed up in Big China Region. barillaContributing to Barilla Gıda to grow over the Turkish market in each year and tripling endorsement of the company with his successful 10-year performance, Güneş Karababa has been headed up in Big China Region as Deputy Chairman of AAA Region as of 1 August 2017. Acting as General Manager of Barilla Turkey as of July 2007, and as Deputy Chairman of Barilla Asia, Africa, Australia region, Güneş Karababa has been headed up in Big China Region after his successful 10-year performance. Making Barilla a leader in Turkey with his strong strategy, Karababa will make Chinese people living in the region which is among the most difficult markets love pasta. CHINA IS A DIFFICULT REGION TO SELL PASTA Güneş Karababa will take his office in Big China Region where yearly 1,5 million tons of noodle (curly vermicelli) is consumed, and it is so hard to sell pasta with different consumption habits on 1 August 2017. In Barilla, reaching out millions of tables in more than 100 countries everyday with its worldwide products produced in 28 facilities and being a food leader, Piero Mirra who is Deputy Chairman of Customer Services and Sales Director in Italy will take over the office of General Manager of Turkey from Güneş Karababa as of 1 September 2017.
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