Built automation system - making 3600 simits per hour

13 February 20192 min reading
Ni-Sa Machinery and Engineering firm, built an automation system for simit production. Necati Aracı, General Coordinator of Ni-Sa Machinery and Engineering, saw that his father had difficulties while producing simits and developed an automation system for this product.  OTOMASYON Necati Aracı, General Coordinator of Ni-Sa Machinery and Engineering, who is from Denizli province, developed an automation system for producing simits as a result of Research and Development efforts. Necati Aracı stressed that their newly founded company have become an important one in this sector in a short period of time. Like his father, Aracı is making breads and bakery products. But he also works on machinery for this sector thanks to his machinery technician education. Aracı said: “We already know about the dough. After long Research and Development efforts we achieved to find the right methods to form the dough without crushing it. We achieved connecting two ends after natural forming of simit dough which is done by weaving two strips. We also developed machinery for adding pekmez and sesame. Thanks to machinery that can automatically cut, weave, add pekmez and sesame, we can produce 1000 to 36000 simits per hour. We sold many simit machines for domestic companies and we also exported machinery. Cutting machine can also be used for producing hamburgers and leavened flour products.” Necati Arıcı said that they prefer to use widely accepted technologies for production. He added: “We use sensitive machinery like CNC laser machines. We continue to develop bread and bakery machinery. One example is a machinery for roll breads which is relevantly new for Turkish market. We built the prototype now and we will launch this machine soon.”
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