Turkish pasta industry has reached revenue of 1 billion dollars

13 February 20192 min reading

Turkish Pasta Industrialists Association Chairman Abdulkadir Külahçıoğlu announced that Turkish pasta sector reached a total of 1 billion dollar in revenues last year thanks to rising exports and growing domestic demand.


Turkish Pasta Industrialists Association Chairman Abdulkadir Külahçıoğlu said that they achieved successful outcomes with stakeholders last year and the industry continues to grow. Külahçıoğlu underlined that they are offering the pasta with reasonable prices to consumers. He added: “We faced some problems because of currency fluctuations but Turkish pasta sector did not reflect those problems to prices. Pasta prices increased but this was below the inflation rate and we offered our products with reasonable prices to Turkish consumers.”

Külahçıoğlu reminded that, their export target was 1,2 million tons for 2018. He said: “Our exports increased 14 percent last year. We achieved our target and exported 1,2 million tons of pasta. Total revenues of our sector reached 1 billion dollars. 600 thousand dollars of this amount were gained from exports. We export Turkish pasta to 154 countries. Our main market is Africa. 68 percent of total exports were made to Africa. We are also active in Far East, South America, Canada and China markets. All companies in the sector have recently renewed their technologies. Our target for 2019 is raising exports by 15 percent. We also expect 10 percent increase in domestic consumption.”

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