Complete meal solutions from Storci

24 December 20133 min reading
Being sure that ready meal market will grow, Storci and BS S.r.l. provide complete meal solutions for ready meals like lasagna and cannelloni. Need a quick, balanced and handy meal? This is a growing need among many consumers, especially when it comes to lunch time. Italian style restaurants and cafes always have lasagna on the menu. A popular choice when it comes to emulating traditional Italian cuisine, it has undergone many local variations in countries far away from Italy. An increasing numbers of consumers the world over readily enjoy a plate of lasagna: a tasty and balanced ready meal. A great alternative to your usual sandwich! To enjoy a delicious, hot pasta dish all it takes is a few minutes and a microwave. To produce enjoyable products which are of good quality and meet food safety standards, manufacturers need to combine tradition and technological innovation. The aim is to select the best systems which offer maximum hygiene and best product quality. For over twenty years Storci S.p.A. has been making systems and machinery to produce dry pasta, fresh pasta, ready meals, gluten-free pasta and special pastas. In partnership with a large company operating in this sector, Fava S.p.A from Cento, Italy, it forms a world leading group in the construction of industrial lines for producing dry pastas and couscous, with a global market share somewhere in the region of 40%. Confident that the ready meals market is destined to grow, Storci and BS S.n.c. have joined forces to offer innovative and creative solutions in the preparation of lasagna, cannelloni and other pasta-based ready meals. Since 1980, BS has been working with expertise and reliability in the most important ready meals, fast food, ice-cream and confectionary markets. The obstacles which have to be overcome to achieve optimum product quality are without doubt linked to the process of cooking the sheeted pasta in water, but the secret of success really lies in the stages leading up to this step. Preparation of a high quality sheeted pasta which guarantees the best results in terms of ability to withstand cooking, pasta handling and dosing of all the ingredients used to put together a packaged product which has an appealing aspect and is enjoyable to eat: these are the main requirements which have to be managed with simple solutions offering foolproof results. Top level automation make it possible to reduce the number of qualified personnel required and prevent the risk of human error, while ease of cleaning and maintenance make a company’s self-control plan more effective. What distinguishes these systems is the care which goes into the organoleptic quality of the cooked and dressed pasta: the innovation incorporated in the Premix®, the Beltmix, the vacuum dough sheeter together with the simplicity of the lasagna pick-up robot and the sauce and grated cheese dosing units guarantee a unique taste experience.
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