Introducing Onboard From Pavan

24 December 20132 min reading
The new App for iPhone developed by Pavan available from July in App Store. Onboard is the first app designed for food technologists and line operators in dry pasta, fresh pasta and snack pellets manufacturing plants. This app is a quick and precise tool for everyday work flow and operations. The app has two main sections: 1. Mass Balance: this function provides useful tools to calculate dough recipes and drying parameters. - Single-ingredient recipes (one dry ingredient and water, typically used in dry pasta production) - Multi-ingredients recipes (typically used in fresh pasta production), with the possibility of inserting up to 8 different ingredients and calculating the absolute and relative quantity of each ingredient as well as the quantity of water necessary to obtain a given moisture of the final dough. 2. Mollier Charts: this function provides data relating to the saturated steam diagram, with the possibility of selecting either temperature or humidity as a starting point. The calculations and results can be sent via e-mail to share the information and recipes with co-workers. The app also gives the chance to explore the Pavan world: watching video clips of plants in operation and discovering the activities of the Pavan’s Food Master, a series of seminars in food technology to provide specific training for managers and skilled staff involved in the production of dry pasta, fresh pasta and snack pellets.
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