Eti develops rich content biscuits for natural disasters

13 February 20232 min reading

Eti has designed a special biscuit to be distributed in the affected areas in case of natural disasters and disaster-induced emergencies. The biscuit, which is enriched with vitamins and minerals, will be produced quickly in case of a possible disaster and sent to the affected areas for aid purposes.

Eti has designed a special biscuit to be delivered to the disaster victims in the region in case of natural disasters that have increased as a result of the effects of climate change and other disaster-related emergencies.

The biscuit, developed by Eti within the framework of its social responsibility approach, will be produced at Eskişehir Eti Biscuit Factory in case of a possible disaster or emergency and will be sent to the affected areas quickly. The biscuit was designed to help the survivors meet some of their daily nutritional needs in the event of a disaster. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, the biscuit contains 11 different vitamins and 5 minerals, including Iron, Zinc, and vitamin D.

The package of the biscuit, prepared by Eti with a non-profit and fully social responsibility awareness, bears the statement “Specially designed for disasters and emergencies” and the warning “Cannot be sold for money”.

Eti Chief Executive Officer Hakan Polatoğlu said about the new product: “Unfortunately, disasters that deeply upset us all happen from time to time. It is of vital importance to quickly deliver aid to people affected by such events. As Eti, we have always stood by our consumers with our products that we have not compromised on quality and taste since the day we were founded. While realizing our projects, we act with the awareness of social responsibility and the principle of giving back to the society what we receive from them. As a 60-year-old food company that has been focusing on creating social benefits, we consider it our duty to support people affected by disasters, and we attach great importance to doing our part in this regard. Our new biscuit, which we designed without any profit motive, is a result of our understanding of this social responsibility. We plan to contribute to the people of the region by delivering our biscuits quickly if in case of sorrowful disasters.”  

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