Gericke System Components: The building blocks to a perfect system

05 October 20212 min reading

It is the small details that can make the difference! Gericke has a number of components and accessories in the range, specifically developed for powder handling applications.

Whether as part of a system or as individual components: Gericke has a broad range of accessories that increase the performance and reliability of powder handling systems.

The Gericke GB Elbows are often used to increase the lifetime of pneumatic conveying lines when working with abrasive materials. Due to the special vortex chamber, the wear rate of bends for pneumatic conveying is drastically reduced. The lifetime cycle will be extended, and your maintenance and downtime costs will be reduced.

Highly flexible, hygienic and easy to use! The Gericke GFT Sleeves are ideal for flexible connections using standard Tri-Clamp fittings in many food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Available in sizes from DN 65 to DN 200 mm, they are made of VMQ Silicone and comply with ATEX regulations as well as with the requirements of FDA and CFR.

The hygienic and convenient Gericke Sampling Valve allows the operator to extract a sample of the product from the production line or reactor and safely store it for transportation to the laboratory where it will be analysed. The sampling valve is designed according to the latest construction standards and recognised safety rules.

More components such as diverter valves, bin aerators and fittings can be found in the respective sections of the Gericke website.

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