Happy pasta producers thanks to high-quality Bühler equipment

30 April 20142 min reading
Gordana BREITENMOSER Bühler AG Top equipment and pasta quality make Bühler the perfect partner for the pasta industry. Satisfied customers Untas Gida Sanayi and Mer Gida Sanayi have been relying on Bühler systems ever since founding their pasta companies. Up until the mid-20th century, pasta was rarely served in Turkish households. Starting in 1950, however, dishes made with the classic durum wheat noodles rapidly grew in popularity in many parts of the world, including Turkey. Today, the country’s residents eat an average of 6.2 kilograms of pasta each year. Per capita consumption has thus nearly reached the European median. Untas Gida and Mer Gida caught wind of the pasta boom and purchased their first pasta-making equipment from Bühler in the 1990s. More machines have been added since then: Both family businesses produce pasta made from durum wheat, using exclusively Bühler equipment. The decision in favour of Bühler was based on the positive experiences Untas Gida and Mer Gida had already had with Bühler systems. Cafer Özkan, head of the Untas Gida Sanayi family, says: “We always choose the best supplier to ensure the best possible product quality!” Both companies are self-confessed Bühler fans, not least because they can rely on efficient and rapid installation of the equipment. Bühler’s chief engineer installed and commissioned the last production lines at Untas Gida and Mer Gida in record time. This was only possible thanks to optimal on-site support. The team spirit between Untas Gida and Mer Gida and Bühler also helped. Sükrü Karaboğa, co-owner of the Mer Gida Sanayi company, comments: “The Bühler staff in Istanbul are always there for us – even on short notice and weekends. It’s important for us that our local contact partners understand our mentality and speak Turkish.” For 2014, Mer Gida has ordered an additional line. The new Priomatik™ press constitutes the heart of the system. The line will go into operation in summer this year and is able to process up to 3,500 kg pasta per hour.
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