IDMA prepares for innovations to energize the sector

29 March 20243 min reading

Muhammet Ali Kalkan, Chairman of the Board of IDMA, the Main Sponsor of the congress, addressed the opening of the event themed “Global Agricultural Policies, Food, and Energy,” organized by the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation. He highlighted the significant contributions they have made to the sector, noting that they have introduced over 3000 exporters to new markets through IDMA and other exhibitions. Kalkan also emphasized their ongoing efforts to introduce Turkish exporters, particularly to African markets.

Kalkan expressed pride in supporting and enhancing Turkey’s export potential and capacity through their fair organization companies and sectoral publications both domestically and internationally as HAGE Group. He stated, “For the past 10 years, our HAGE West Africa company has been operating as our African base in Senegal, organizing the most professional exhibitions in 8 different sectors in the West Africa region, offering entry opportunities to thousands of international companies into Africa. Our exhibitions have seen participation from thousands of attendees from over 50 countries for a decade, and we are rapidly expanding and introducing new markets.”

Muhammet Ali Kalkan
Chairman of the Board of IDMA

In addition, our extensive experience in organizing numerous international fairs has led us to take significant steps in our country as well. In 2020, we organized the IDMA fairs, and in 2023, we expanded our group by incorporating the Parantez Publishing Group along with the Miller, BBM, and FEED Planet magazines.

Since integrating IDMA, Turkey’s premier brand fair and the world’s largest fair for its sector, into our group, we have been steadfast in our commitment to take IDMA as a brand abroad. Our first exhibition was held in Russia with IDMA Russia, followed by Indonesia with IDMA Indonesia. Our primary aim in these fairs was to create positive externalities, opening new markets for our sector and contributing to the sector’s opportunity assessment.


Throughout the numerous events we’ve attended together, we’ve listened to and learned from the sector, striving to do our utmost. In this endeavor, we’ve put an end to the sector’s fragmentation and the existence of two separate fairs. By signing a protocol with DESMÜD, the umbrella organization of the Milling Machinery sector, we’ve unified and expanded IDMA to encompass the entire industry. We extend our gratitude to DESMÜD for their support.

In order to enhance our presence on the international stage, we have expanded our team. All of these efforts

are aimed at making unique contributions to our industry through the IDMA exhibition. This year, our 2024 IDMA fair will take place from May 2nd to May 4th at the Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy, spanning halls 1-2-3. Our exhibition, which sees participation from all sector companies, will host over 300 exhibitors, representing hundreds of brands, and attract over 10,000 visitors from 150 countries.


We are excited to introduce our BBM Kitchen event, where we will showcase the exquisite flavors of your esteemed flour products together with our broadcasting team. Alongside this, we will conduct international live connections and interviews, bringing the fair to our followers and the entire sector in real-time. Join us for an immersive experience, as we test and present your products in the most flavorful way possible, only with BBM Kitchen.

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