Price of bread increases by 20% in Istanbul

23 November 20202 min reading

After Istanbul Chamber of Commerce accepted the bakers' demand for a 20 percent increase in bread price, the prices increased. The kilogram of bread increased from 6.25 to 7.5 lira. In many district, the price of 240 grams of bread became 2 lira.

The commission established within body of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) accepted the request for a 20 percent price increase in bread. Accordingly, the price of 200-gram-loaf increased to 1.50 liras and of 240-gram-loaf to 1.75 liras. Some bakers who could not bear the cost increase and risked penalties started to sell bread for 2 liras. The 2020 Maximum Bread Price Tariff in Istanbul entered into force with the decision of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. According to the decision, the price per kilogram of bread in Istanbul increased from 6.25 lira to 7.50 lira. 200 grams of bread increased from 1.25 liras to 1.50 liras and 240 grams of bread increased from 1.50 liras to 1.75 liras.

PRICE OF PUBLIC BREAD INCREASES BY 33% IN ISTANBUL The bakers in Istanbul took action for a price increase after Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) had implemented a 33-percent increase for bread price. İBB Public Bread had increased the price of whole wheat bread from 3.40 TL to 5 TL, organic wheat bread from 4.75 TL to 6 TL, and white and bran bread from 0.75 TL to 1 TL. Following the Public Bread, the bakers made a raise between 1 lira and 2 lira for sourdough, whole wheat, rye and all other types of bread in addition to normal white bread. Two different bread prices have been in operation in Istanbul for many years. The commission consisting of the governorship and the bakers' chamber determines the price of the bread that is widely sold, while the bakeries registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) determine their own prices independently. The price at the bakers registered with İTO is usually higher than the price set by the commission.

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