We are meeting in Africa for the future of the world

30 April 20142 min reading
Grains and cereals industry will meet in Ethiopia for Africa on 29-31 October 2014. To be held addressing the African continent, which is expected to have a 900 billion-dollar share in agricultural production in the future, “Africa Grain and Pulses Congress” aims to contribute to the future of the continent with knowledge sharing. World population is expected to reach approximately 9 billion by 2050. This increase points that the access to the food, which is already the most important problem of the world, will be an even greater problem in the future. In this process, African continent that has 20% of the world arable area will have a decisive impact in the world as the African continent is projected to have a share of around 900 billion dollars in agricultural production in future world. Besides; in the continent where approximately 500 million people are living today, it is estimated that the population will reach 2 billion and younger people will constitute 60% of the total population. This situation points that the continent will have an important potential in terms of labor force. When all of these are taken into consideration; all entrepreneurs engaged in agricultural production industry should share their current information and knowledge with African countries, contribute to their development process and determine their future position with the contacts they make today. GRAIN AND PULSES CONGRESS FOR AFRICA To be held at the African Union Conference Halls in Ethiopia on 29-31 October 2014, “AFRICA GRAIN, PULSES AND TECHNOLOGIES CONGRESS AND EXPO” will pave the way for the industry to share its knowledge with the African continent. The congress that will be held for the African continent has two important rationales. The first one is to help the continental countries use their current agricultural production resources effectively and thus to eliminate the problem of access to food that is experienced in most of the countries in the continent. The second one is to ensure effective contact and cooperation for the future with the continental countries that will have a voice in the agricultural production in the future. The objective of the congress in which grain and pulses-based agricultural production will be discussed is to share knowledge and experience on all the stages of the “From field to fork” food production chain with the continental countries.
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