World Pasta Day celebrated in Moscow

21 November 20161 min reading

Organized by Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries, World Pasta Day 2016 was celebrated with various panels in Moscow, Russia on October 25. rusya_pasta On October 25, World Pasta Day organized by AIDEPI (Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries) was celebrated in Moscow. The organization started with the opening speeches of Paolo Barilla, President of AIDEPI, Riccardo Felicetti, President of International Pasta Organization (IPO), Pier Paolo Celeste, Director of Italian Trade Agency (ITA) Moscow. During the program, nutritionists, chefs, food experts and analysts gave speeches about the following four panel discussions: “Pasta is Good for your Health”, “Pasta is Tasty and Brings People Together”, “Pasta is a Global Food”, “Pasta is Good for the Environment”. A date dedicated to eating, discussing and enjoying pasta, World Pasta Day 2016 was celebrated in Russia in order to confirm the increasingly strong link between Italy and Russia and to represent a growth market in Russia.

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