"We rank 2nd in the world in biscuits and 7th in chocolate"

25 November 20212 min reading

Yildiz Holding, which attracts attention with the company sales they perform while focusing on their main business, is looking for new investment opportunities. “We rank currently 2nd in the world in biscuits and 7th in chocolate,” said Murat Ülker, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pladis.

Talking about their investment plans for the coming period, Pladis Chairman of the Board Murat Ülker said that they are trying to grow the companies they have acquired as Yildiz Holding and sell them to strategic companies. “We sell our companies that are not related to our main business. Yildiz has sold 22 factories in different countries in the last 3-4 years. There are 58 left,” Ülker said.

Pointing out that there is a capacity problem in the companies they acquired in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Ülker noted, “We can’t make and deliver enough goods, those factories are not enough. We will either go and buy a factory, or we will buy a machine, we will add it. We have to find a way and grow up. There are always such opportunities. We are making a budget for these, but we also have a financial budget apart from this. And there’s like, 'we can get this if there's a job this big. We can think of a strategic investment in this region as follows,” he said.

Recalling that Pladis has operations in 21 countries and productions with 25 factories in 11 countries, Murat Ülker added: "But the important thing is that 4 billion people live in countries where we have manufacturing, distribution and sales of this operation. We also look at these as our potential consumers. Now they don't all eat our products, but hopefully we will have them eat. We are currently ranked 2nd in the world in biscuits and 7th in chocolate. So, first of all, we need to grow up in chocolate industry. And, to get from 7 to 3, you need to grow more than twice as much.”

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