Rod Gregg named executive vice president at Auto-Bake

08 June 20201 min reading
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Rod Gregg has taken on another role at a Middleby Bakery company. In addition to his position as executive vice president at Hinds Bock, Mr. Gregg has been named executive vice president at Auto-Bake Serpentine.

“Mr. Gregg has more than 30 years’ experience in the baking and food industries and has the Middleby DNA of being highly customer centric, which is to deliver above expectation,” said Scott McCally, president, Auto-Bake. “He approaches challenges with humility, kindness, persistence and partnership. Mr. Gregg adds intangible value for our customers through organized tenacity, which produces effective customer advocacy and delivers results. Rod celebrating all that he is, all that he has achieved, and all that he is sure to accomplish for our shared benefit in the future.”

Auto-Bake is an international supplier of ovens for the commercial baking

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industry. Hinds-Bock specializes in filling and depositing systems for baked foods, sauces and ready-meal products. Hinds-Bock was purchased by The Middleby Corp. in 2018 after successfully partnering with Auto Bake for more than 10 years.

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