Bakeries in Istanbul have enough flour and yeast

08 June 20202 min reading

Sales of Istanbul bakeries dropped by 35 percent because many citizens prefer to bake their bread at home as a result of lockdowns and other Coronavirus-related measures.

Consumers are staying at home because of Coronavirus pandemic and they prefer to bake their bread with conventional yeast or sourdough yeast. This trend decreased the demand for bakery bread. Istanbul Bakers’ Chamber Association President Erdogan Cetin talked about bread consumption trends in Istanbul during the Coronavirus crisis. Cetin stressed that citizens are concerned because of the pandemic and added: “People do not want to go out. Bread sales are decreased by 35 percent in supermarkets and bakeries. Consumers bought flour and started to bake their bread. Another important factor is the break off for schools. Some Istanbul residents left the city for their home towns or holiday resorts before limitation decision for metropolitan cities was taken. Therefore bread sales decreased.” Erdogan Cetin highlighted that most of the are artisan shops that produce only bread: “Just like health workers, bakers are in a kind of social self-sacrifice now. They are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and they continue to supply bread. They try to do their best.” He also added that they have enough flour and yeast. “Consumers can feel relaxed. We can meet the demand.” Istanbul Bakers’ Chamber Association President Erdogan Cetin pledged.

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