Zeelandia makes a difference with bread developers

01 July 20162 min reading
Zeelandia is a family owned company based in the Netherlands, developed with the developers of the bread, and the dough provides by increasing the tolerance of both high and standard quality makes possible the production and easy workability of bread. 18-2 Having production facilities in 28 countries, operating in over 100 countries, Zeelandia which is a family company based in the Netherlands continues to provide contribution to the development of the pastry tortilla with creative products. Founded in 1900, the company plays an important role in the development of the industry and pastry tortilla with creative products and marketing methods for over a century. Zeelandia’s product portfolio by building their own facilities in Turkey, started production in 2003 at Hayrabolu and there are three categories of tortilla, baking and frying, including oil separator. Developers in Zeelandia performing the production of bread are described as an important product group for bread category. The developers of bread both provide easy workability by increasing the tolerance of the dough and make high and quality bread production possible. Using bread developers provides improve in bread volume, crust color, pore structure, soft recovery. In the bread developer portfolio of Zeelandia, there are Gamma brand enzyme mixes suitable to the new Codex, hamburger, toast, German type rollers and products suitable to frozen processes with Nordix brand. Zeelandia bread developers, by giving the dough a high tolerance, provides advantages like reducing the process errors, saving time by conditioning the dough fast with mixer and increasing the bread quality. Also, frozen bread developers enable to capture the performance of fresh products in different processes.  
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