Aesthetics and functionality for long goods pasta bags made with Altopack

13 February 20234 min reading

A double square bottom bag for long goods pasta (linguine, spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine etc.) extremely innovative has been realized using the automatic packaging machine AOD ULTRA Altopack: this horizontal machine is the reference point for long goods pasta packaging thank to simplicity, performances, final aesthetic result and sustainability.

Design that marries functionality 

The bag made from packaging machine AOD ULTRA has an elegant and clean shape which allows it to be displayed like a case even on the edge on the shelf. This kind of bag it’s printed on all sides of the package and gives more visibility to: name, product, logo of the brand and nutritional values. The bag has very little visible welds and it’s really precise, characteristics deriving from packaging process covered from Altopack patent. Specific welding process takes place via ultrasound and it is tecnologically really advanced. This Altopack patent guarantee fragments absence inside cross welding (ZERO FRAGMENT) and a perfectly hermetic close. All these characteristics get it differently in a very important way from all other bags on the market.

Respect for the customer and environment

Technology developed from Altopack can reduce film quantity for bag increasing therefore number of bags (about +20% compared to the other units on the market). A considerable important datum is that ultrasonic sealing allows an energy saving equal to 75% compared to the more traditional solutions allowing a complete removal of film waste. These characteristics lead to a noticeable reduction of the production costs and energy plus material saving guaranteeing a greater environmental sustainability.

Altopack’s technological innovation wins also for the following reason: it has been calculated that packaging machine AOD ULTRA avoid the release into the environment of approx 100 tons of Co2 per year.

These important benefits on the new pasta packaging machine patented from Altopack brought the leading company in the sector among the finalists of “Best Packaging” at the packaging Oscar 2020 

Applications in the pasta field

Among the companies that use this specific solution for packing their own products we highlight the pasta factory: Panzani. It is located in France: Nanterre and they are specialized in pasta packaging, sector in the which they are leaders in the french market.

Panzani has a partnership relationship with Altopack from a long time and they use from years a lot of packaging machines patented from the italian manufacturer using with satisfaction this specific solution for long goods pasta since 2019.

The interest for the winning bag ‘made by Altopack’ goes beyond the borders of Europe: AOD ULTRA packaging machines are already in countries such as: Algeria, Iran… and it’s reasonable to foresee an evergreater diffusion in the market also interested in energy saving and the reduction of the impact on the environment.

Altopack’s recent history stems from a long tradition of technology and innovation. The company was founded in 1999 in Altopascio, near Lucca, and in just over 20 years it has become an important player in the food sector, becoming the leader in pasta packaging solutions. In 2018, the company opened a local unit in the heart of the packaging valley, in Borgo Panigale (Bologna). In 2019, Altopack’s acquisition of Gammapack, a historical brand in the Emilia-Romagna region, enabled them to expand their range of machines with box cartoning solutions. In 2021, the group further expanded with the launch of Cyborg Line, a team focusing on the development of humanoid, collaborative and interconnected robots with applications in the packaging industry.With an annual turnover of over 20m euros, 40 international brands and patents, around 2400 machines installed for 150 clients based in 50 countries, the Altopack Group represents a solid, growing organization at the forefront of technological innovation.

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