Bakers’ Chamber restores trust in Erdoğan Çetin

05 April 20222 min reading

At the 10th Ordinary General Assembly of the Istanbul Chamber of Bakers, the current President Erdoğan Çetin received 357 votes and won the presidency for another term. 

The 10th Ordinary General Meeting of the Istanbul Bread Bakers Craftsmen and Bread Sellers Chamber of Craftsmen (İFO) was held with a broad participation and the contest of 4 candidates. Refik Çakır, Mehmet Akif Tüylüoğlu and Hacı Ramazan Ergen along with the current chairman Erdoğan Çetin, competed in the General Assembly. Erdoğan Çetin, who received 357 votes at the General Assembly, was re-elected as the chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Bakers.

Erdoğan Çetin, who was re-elected as the chairman at the General Assembly held in Istanbul Gorrion Hotel, will serve for 4 years. Erdoğan Çetin said, “Our members favored and appointed me for another term. I will try to give the best service to the baker tradesmen with my team. It has been a decent general meeting. We will continue to serve Istanbulites and Istanbul bakers as much as we can. May Allah grant us to serve properly. It has been a general meeting with broad participation. As bakers, we will continue to increase the quality as much as we can. I want to thank everyone who supported me. I will continue to represent and serve them in the best way possible.”

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