Bread, Pasta and Biscuits in Canada, Mexico and USA

01 July 20167 min reading
Full grain bread made from the quality wheat of Canada, tortilla of Mexico which is consumed with great admiration all over the world and the delicious cakes and biscuits of USA have created a valley of tastes in American continent. 18-9 American continent was discovered in the 15th century and it embraced the settlers coming from Europe, becoming the home of people coming from other regions of the world in time. This caused the creation of a multi-cultural kitchen which is like a melting pot. Most of the traditional food consumed in Canada, USA and Mexico are flavors that originated from old world countries. And when these food types unified with the geographical structure and the natural flavors in the region, a new and different kitchen was formed. Full grain bread made from the quality wheat of Canada, tortilla of Mexico which is consumed with great admiration all over the world and the delicious cakes and biscuits of USA have created a valley of tastes in the American continent. BREAD, PASTA AND BISCUITS IN CANADA Canadians have a Western style of nutrition as seen in USA and Europe and they have the standard nutrition habits of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is seen that their breakfast preference is mostly protein based. Canadians, in the majority of the breakfast foods, consume boiled eggs, fried pork sausages, fried foods such as French fries, bacon and rye bread, French toast, waffles made from white flour, cereals and oatmeal. Canadian rye which is grown in Canada and accepted as a Canadian product determines the choice of bread. Canadian rye bread is very light and puffy. In addition, Canadian bread known as white bread by some companies in the country are produced and sold with the name of “white bread”. The product which is sold with the name of white Canadian bread when exported is baked with white flour which is made from Canadian grain with high protein value. Just as it is in Northern European countries too abundant material is often preferred for breakfast sandwiches in Canada. In addition, snack is preferred on the breads prepared by adding various ingredients. The breads preferred as snack are generally rye bread or white bread with sesame. Sweet bread consumed especially at celebrations, special occasions and Christmas is sweetened with maple syrup, raisins and various fruits. The bread dough is also prepared with all-purpose flour made from Canadian wheat. Consuming about 6.5-7 kg of pasta per year, Canadians do not have different pasta preferences than Western Europe. Although Canadians are into fruits and vegetables in recent years it is seen that whole grain products and pasta consumed with various vegetables still has a significant place in daily calorie intake. Tomatoes, zucchini and asparagus as well as salmon and bacon are also frequently used in pasta sauces. Maybe the most known dessert in Canadian cuisine is the butter pie. Butter pie which is prepared with butter, sugar, flour and egg is decorated with various fruits from time to time. Another popular and traditional pastry is the Nanaimo bars. prepared with Wafers, whipped cream and melted chocolate and is consumed cold, this dessert can be varied with mint, coconut or mocha. Another traditional pastry with butter and egg is Nun’s puff which Canadians prefer frequently. Pets de sœurs, which is made into dough by using butter, egg, brown sugar and baked, has a significant place in the country. Another popular dessert is Poutchine au sac which is prepared beef suet, flour, brown sugar, raisins and milk. This dessert is served with a top sauce prepared with cream, vanilla and corn starch. Canada’s biscuit culture is also dominated by traditional biscuits made from almond, fruits, raisins and whole meal flour. BREAD, PASTA AND BISCUIT IN MEXICO One of the symbols of Mexican cuisine is the tortilla. Tortilla is derived from a Spanish word, torta, which means round cake. Tortilla, in another word small-sized, thin, round flatbread made from corn and wheat flour, is the most consumed Mexican bread around the world. Consumed in nearly all meals, tortilla bread is not just bread, but also can be a whole dish itself with various materials on it. Just as pide and lahmacun in Turkish cuisine and pizza in Italian cuisine. Tortilla can be turned into different dishes with different names when rolled in with a variety of materials and cooked. Tamale, flauto, burrito or quesadilla can be given as examples. Pasta, a significant part of lunch and dinner culture in Mexica, is generally a bakery food with an abundant of materials. Pasta cooked by roasting and frying meat, various vegetables, peppers and tomatoes is more popular. Pasta is consumed more with heavy sauces, meat and vegetable sauces roasted in the pan. Sauces seasoned with cream and cheese can be the pasta choice of Mexicans. Noodle consumption is also high in Mexica. The most well-known usage is as soup and baked noodle dish. Noodle soup cooked with Coriander, avocado, lemon and spring onions cooked with chicken and flavored with chili pepper are typical Mexican types. The increasing vegetarian population consumes noodle soup by preparing it with pulses. Rosca de reyes, holding an important place in the consumption of traditional Mexican desserts, joined Mexican cuisine through Spanish people. The bread prepared by adding cinnamon and sugar is known to be cooked at Christmas time or celebrations. Another traditional dessert is Churros. Prepared with the dough made with cinnamon and sugar and fried, these cookies are especially consumed along with hot chocolate. This dessert culture in which cinnamon has an important place mostly focus on dumplings filled with cream and chocolate and also on tortilla bread. It is also seen that cookies are prepared mostly with chocolate, cinnamon, walnut and almond. BREAD, PASTA AND BISCUIT IN USA USA has become a melting pot for various cuisines from various cultures. To speak of a single cuisine in USA where Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Indian and many more came together is not possible. However, corn flour which is one of the country’s most important products in bread making draws attention. Despite being seasoned with various features of different countries, Corn bread is also one of the basic foods. In addition to the corn bread, whole-grain breads, cereals and potatoes or porridge which has become quite a trend in recent years has been a big part of breakfast culture. The bread is diversified by using ginger, cinnamon or raisins in special occasions. Immigrants from Southern Europe to the United States, especially from Sicily, Napoli, Lazio have taken their culture of pasta with them. In this way, spaghetti with meatballs, pizza, calzones and food such as macaroni and cheese have become quite popular dishes. Also noodles made from semolina flour have become popular with the influence of southern European immigrants. At the same time, immigrants from East Asia have made noodles consumption extremely popular. Chinese food culture in the country is a thing in itself and it is the favorite of those who prefer ready, quick, affordable meal most of the time. Noodles, which is one of the most important elements of Chinese cuisine have become extremely popular for American Society and has created a large food industry. Local fresh fruits production has an important place in American culture. Although packaged product industry has reached very high levels it is obvious that the products reflecting the traditional tastes of the people are on the shelves increasingly. Desserts are decorated with flavors such as Banana, Mango, coconut, papaya and hazelnut, almond, pistachio. As well as cakes with fruits and chocolate which is common in the country, tarts, pudding and cookies, frozen desserts, confectionery, chocolate and wafer culture is also quite popular. It can be said that American society is one of those consuming these products most.
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