Climate change, drought, floods and Harvest in Mardin…

10 August 20212 min reading

Mustafa Yagmurlu Editor

Dear Readers,

We are together with the 45th issue of our magazine. Our planet is in the grip of natural disasters. On the one hand, there is a worldwide drought and the consequent loss of crops. On the other hand, fire and flood disasters in many parts of the world, mainly in China and Germany, cost the lives of hundreds of people and animals, while devastating cultivated lands and cities.

While countries have been struggling with COVID-19 for the last two years, global warming and the natural disasters that come with it, unfortunately, continue to be effective also in Turkey. While one side of the country is getting slammed by drought, the other side is affected by floods. Due to severe drought in many parts of Anatolia, there has been a substantial fall in yield, especially in wheat and barley production.

In the Black Sea Region, while there is loss of life and property due to the flood disaster in provinces such as Rize, Artvin, and Giresun, this disaster caused great destruction. Floods brought bigger destruction in Europe, especially in Germany, and Belgium, and also in China. These natural disasters that our planet is exposed to are not caused by a single country, but due to climate change, which is the most important problem of the whole world.

In this period, when the negative effects of the pandemic and drought prevailed, a large organization was hosted by Mardin, the ancient city of Mesopotamia, after 1.5 years, to note and underline the problems of the industry.

You can read the details of the meeting and my two-day Mardin impressions in more detail in the article section. In this issue, you will find invaluable articles on dough kneading technology, which has been going on for millennia in the bakery industry.

See you in the next issue…

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