UNO to make bread with farro wheat

10 August 20212 min reading

UNO, in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, is to make bread with farro wheat, which 160 farmers planted on an area of 2,500 decares in Kars and Ardahan, Turkey, within the scope of Ancestor Seed Project implemented under the leadership of the ministry.

UNO, one of Turkey's first packaged bread producers operating under the umbrella of Yıldız Holding, continues its efforts to meet the bread it will produce with highly nutritional farro wheat with consumers across Turkey with the Ancestor Seed Project. Within the scope of the project, a signing ceremony was held for the sowing of the ancestor seed farro wheat, which was distributed to the farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Underlining that the project is very important for sustainable production, creation of alternative agricultural areas and the development of the region, Deputy Minister Ayşe Ayşin Işıkgece stated that the farro wheat to be grown in the region will be integrated into bread production and will be the guest of every table in Turkey. Işıkgece noted that this cooperation, which brings together the public, private sector, NGOs and producers, is very valuable for all efforts to pay off. Expressing that they are happy and proud to be involved in the project, UNO's Deputy CEO Evin Pehlivanlı said, “Farro, one of our ancestor seeds on our ancient lands, will offer our future generations the chance to have sustainable access to decent nutrition with its high nutritional value as well as its resistance to climate change. Thanks to this project, the Ministry supports and increases the production of Ancestor Seed Farro, and we aim to provide access to wider masses by providing a purchase guarantee, producing bread from these grains and distributing this valuable food source to all our provinces.”

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