MÜSAD supports the fight against famine

19 November 20182 min reading

Turkish pasta producers supported the fight against famine initiated by the International Pasta Organization. Pasta Producers and Industrialists Association contributed this campaign by donating ninety thousand kilograms of pasta. 


According to the United Nations (UN) data, the number of hungry people on the global scale increased to 821 million in the third consecutive year, while more than 150 million children are experiencing growth failure due to malnutrition. In the face of such a bleak situation that also endangered the target of Zero Hunger until 2030 set by the United Nations, International Pasta Organization (IPO) mobilized. The Pasta Producers and Industrialists Association that prominent pasta producers in Turkey are members is a member of IPO. Pasta industrialists around the world have donated two million pasta plates to aid organizations that fight against hunger within the “Power of Pasta” campaign that IPO organized for the second time on the 25 October World Pasta Day. MÜSAD members contributed to IPO-led famine campaign by donating ninety thousand kilograms of pasta via foundations, soup kitchens, food banks, and aid associations. “As MÜSAD, we supported IPO-led ‘Power of Pasta’ campaign. We thank all member companies that donated pasta to foundations and NGOs fighting against famine,” Nihat Uysallı, the Chairman of the Executive Board of MÜSAD, said.

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