Turkish ministry moves to protect bakers

19 November 20182 min reading

The Ministry of Commerce in Turkey moved to amend regulation on the bread price after the fierce debate on it. Making an important amendment, the ministry announced that groceries and chain stores making huge profit by selling bakers’ bread will not be able to make more than 15 percent cut in the price. 


Turkish Commerce Ministry has assumed a bigger role in the market after an arbitrary price hike in the food. The ministry has taken cost reduction measures for bread producers. It moved to end the deal that big chain stores bought products at a cheaper price by taking advantage of wholesale selling. With the new regulation, big groceries will not pay less than 85 kuruş for bread that is sold for 1 Turkish lira. They used to buy bread for 50-60 kuruş. The Ministry of Commerce made a significant change in the Regulation on the Principles and Rules to be applied in Retail Trade. In order to block unjust treatment to bread producers, the ministry has issued a regulation on the Official Gazette on 28 September 2018. According to this regulation, big groceries and chain markets that sell fast moving consumer goods and dealer operation and specially authorized enterprises will not pay less than 85 percent of the maximum price of a unit under administered price to producers. Within the scope of the regulation, as of 28.09.2018, significant cost advantage has been provided in favor of the producer without making any changes to the current tariff. It is also stated that this practice may become mandatory for products other than bread.

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