New Omnia multiple product line from Storci for different pasta types

10 July 20132 min reading

Omnia developed by Storci has combined nested pasta, lasagna, short and long cut pasta production in a single line.  

Omnia which is developed by Storci and combines all kinds of pasta such as macaroni, spaghetti, nested pasta and lasagna in a single line attracts attention with its compact structure saving space. Thanks to the exclusive patented multi-product pre-drying system, OMNIDRYER, innovative TH press and patented dual head (linear and circular), machine provides a simple product changeover free from product build-up.  OMNIA having the capacity of 600 kg/h of short-cut dry pasta and 500 kg/h for long-cut dry pasta guarantees unrestricted freedom of choice in terms of pasta shapes, while still ensuring low operating costs. As well as the ROBO-T tray stacker, the OMNIA line can also be equipped with an automatic trolley loading system for trays and racks, the OMNIROBO, or alternatively with the ROBO XI which simplify work procedures only for trays and offer savings on personnel. The OMNIA line is also available for special pasta shapes such as paccheri (large, hollow, tube-shaped pasta), candele (hollow, tube-shaped pasta) and ziti (hollow tube-shaped pasta). EASY OMNIA, simplified version of Omnia that can be customized with different systems according to your demands is designed for pasta plants where short-cut pasta is produced in much higher quantities than long-cut pasta (limited to 260 kg/h). The line’s various automatic mechanisms can be customized and it guarantees an excellent price/performance ratio as well as great mechanical reliability. Easy Omnia derived directly from technology specifically developed for large lines is made up of tray feeder, spreader unit, TH press with dual head, fresh pasta scraps recovery unit, pre-drying shaker for short-cut pasta with internal tray transit, automatic tray stacker ROBO-T (optional).
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