Wheat Research for Chinese Noodles

10 July 20132 min reading
Australian Grain Growers Limited conducts a research at Sydney laboratories for China looking at the color of noodles. This research may result in more wheat sales of Australia to China.    Avustralya’nın önde gelen buğday tedarikçileri arasında yer alan Grain Growers Limited, Çin’in beyaz renkteki erişte üretimi için bir araştırma gerçekleştiriyor. Grain Growers Limited being the leading wheat suppliers in Australia conducts a research for production of Chinese white noodles. The Grains Research and development Corporation is funding a project in collaboration with Chinese partners looking at the colour of noodles. Chinese wheat is unable to achieve the same white colour of noodles as consistently achieved with Australian wheat. According to Grain Growers Limited technical services general manager Ken Quail, that is due to the high levels of an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. Dr Quail said Australian wheat had low levels of the enzyme as a result of decades of breeding and “a little bit of luck”. He said the Chinese wheat did not mill as well as Australian grain, with it being contaminated by bran. He said the enzyme caused reactions that led to browning of the finished product. The GRDC project was looking at what levels of blending of Australian wheat with Chinese grain would result in whiter noodles and better texture of the food product. He said with Chinese consumers becoming more affluent, there was a push for better quality white salted noodles. Dr Quail said private flour mills in China were already making flour from 100 per cent Australian wheat for the premium Chinese noodle markets. So far, the GGL research project was indicating China would need to blend Australian wheat on a 50:50 basis to get significant changes in the colour of Chinese noodles. That may open more opportunities for the sale of Australian wheat for the Chinese market.
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