Enzyme use in the bakery industry

16 May 20221 min reading

In countries of which cultivation areas consist of small pieces, quality changes in wheat are experienced frequently. These quality changes can cause severe problems in the final product. Therefore, in addition to knowledge, skills and experience, additives and enzymes are of great importance in order to ensure the desired quality in the processing and use of wheat flour. The use of enzymes in bakery products started in the 1950s and did not become widespread until the 1990s due to its expensiveness and availability. Enzymes are used to facilitate the process and to obtain high-quality products. 

Today, many foods are produced using commercial enzyme preparations. Since enzymes replace chemical additives, especially in bakery products, they are becoming more widespread. Use of enzymes in the production of bread and bakery products has an important role in tolerating process-related inconveniences, preventing problems caused by careless workmanship, tolerating fluctuations in flour quality like long fermentation time, processing environment and fermentation temperature, humidity changes, and etc., standardizing the quality of the final product and increasing its nutritional value.

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