Healthy alternatives form Cakes&Bakes

21 November 20161 min reading

Cakes&Bakes offers an alternative rich in protein, calcium and vitamins with its new product Chocolate Quinoa Cake for consumers searching for healthy and nutritious products. cakesbakes Serving both food and beverage industry with industrial and boutique production, Cakes&Bakes has brought together quinoa and chocolate cake. Cakes&Bakes’s new product Chocolate Quinoa Cake comes together with quinoa which has a high level of protein and includes all essential amino acids and thus, an alternative extremely rich in proteins, calcium and vitamins is offered to the consumers. Cakes&Bakes’s new product is on sale at the airports, by sea buses and ferries in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and also in Cakes&Bakes’ overseas stores in Croatia, Tunisia, Macedonia, Salalah and Medina.

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