Mühlenchemie Opens First Technology Center In Africa

05 December 20171 min reading

Germany-based Mühlenchemie opened a technology center in Lagos, Nigeria. The facility, core element of which is a trial bakery, aims to speed the transfer of knowhow.


Mühlenchemie, German flour treatment company exporting to more than 120 countries, opened its first technology center located in Africa. 55 guests from the milling sector of Nigeria attended the opening of the plant established to speed up the transfer of knowhow. The core element of the facility is a trial bakery modelled on the company’s central technology center in Germany. “Thanks to a combination of our comprehensive production capacity in Germany and local development know-how we will, in future, be able to supply the Nigerian milling industry with customized systems faster than before,” said Lennart Kutschinski, managing director of Mühlenchemie, at the opening of the Technology Center.

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