Information Pollution Confuses Turks In Food Selection

05 December 20172 min reading

At the “Who is Shaping the Food Preferences of the Future?” conference where consumer behavior has also been discussed, it has been stated that the most important factor determining the consumers’ food choices is the emotional connotations that they create in the person rather than taste.

bilgi kirliligi

Sabri Ülker Foundation which is closely following the international developments in food, nutrition and healthy life and releasing them to the public, has watched the “Who is Shaping the Food Preferences of the Future?” conference that was held in London. Interesting results have emerged from the “Factors Influencing Food Choice” research which is the Europe’s most comprehensive research on the consumers’ behaviors in food choice and which has been coordinated by the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) and whose activities regarding Turkey have been conducted by the Sabri Ülker Foundation and which demonstrates the eating habits on health.

EUROPEANS ENJOY BISCUITS The research conducted in the UK, Italy, France, Poland and Turkey has focused on the factors effective in people’s food choices in six different product groups, including breakfast cereals, ready meals, yogurt, sweet snacks, biscuits and cold beverages, as well as what they feel when consuming these products. In every country where the research has been conducted, the end result is that happiness is possible only through a balanced diet. Many products in Turkey are consumed only because they are believed to help happiness, trust and socialization. Turks have difficulty making healthy choices because of miscellaneous information about food. While Europeans enjoy having tasty snacks like biscuits, Turks eat sweet products because they help with socializing as well. Consuming yogurt give happiness to Italians, British and French.

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