Molitecnica Sud and Anselmo Group formalize the commercial partnership

03 March 20222 min reading

Molitecnica Sud, a company based in Apulia, and the Anselmo Group, based in northern Italy, have decided to develop a relationship of cooperation in order to achieve objectives that they could not achieve individually.

The approach of successful companies such as Molitecnica Sud and the Anselmo Group, is cooperation used to achieve a communion of means and capacity to accomplish various tasks and objectives. In this manner, encouraging long-term investment, information sharing and technological development can create a real business network.

Both cooperating parties have adapted to the new challenges, such as that for the Anselmo Group of integrating the acquired realities in order to offer customers an increasing number of solutions and opportunities, and for Molitecnica Sud of creating custom designed plants, both being able to count on Made in Italy certification.

A passion for the production of machines, auxiliaries for pasta factories and snack manufacturers for the Anselmo Group and for the production of flour production equipment for Molitecnica Sud.

The success of the relationship with the customers that unites Anselmo Group and Molitecnica Sud lies in the high quality of the services provided through the plants (through the analysis and quotation of the specific project), during the installation of the plants and after their testing. All this has been possible thanks to the approach built on the satisfaction of the final customer.

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