Pasta Technology Seminar brings together GEA and pasta producers

09 November 20222 min reading

Representatives of leading companies in the pasta industry came together at GEA's Pasta Technologies Seminars. At the seminars held in Ankara and Gaziantep, Türkiye, GEA experts presented detailed information about the company's products and technologies in the pasta processing industry to nearly 50 participants.

GEA wrapped up two-city seminar series that took place in October 18 and 20, in the capital Ankara and city of Gaziantep.

Yiğit Güler, Sales Manager PEM and İlker Damar, Senior Director, Representative HRT & FHT were joined by GEA pasta experts from Italy. It was a great opportunity that brought customers together with GEA products, innovations and technologies for pasta production.

Thanks to GEA's experience in developing and building turnkey plants including all stages of the production chain, the seminars covered topics from milling, going through extrusion and drying technology to packaging solutions. There was also in-depth analysis of more specific areas concerning dies and moulds, storage, handling and automation solutions and the typical problems in pasta production.

The seminars also covered topics that are widely discussed today such as energy saving, sustainability and efficiency, and the use of alternative raw materials to durum wheat for dry pasta production.

The vision of a better future also passes through a better food supply, and pasta is certainly one of the main players. A vision shared by the participants of the two seminars and which marks the current and future path as well as the meeting point between those who develop technologies and those involved in pasta production.

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