Axor brings together the pasta industry in Gaziantep

10 November 20232 min reading

At the seminar hosted by Axor, a subsidiary of Alapala Holding, in Gaziantep, a comprehensive exploration of the latest technologies and industry advancements employed within the pasta sector took place.

Axor, a subsidiary of Alapala Holding, gathered pasta manufacturers and industry professionals in Gaziantep. In the seminar titled “Modern Pasta Production Technologies,” Marco Mistroni, the CEO of Axor, shared the latest technologies and developments in the industry with the participants. Expressing his delight in being in Gaziantep, one of the leading cities in agriculture and industry in Anatolia, Marco Mistroni highlighted Axor’s capabilities in equipment and project engineering, production, and commissioning for pasta production.

The seminar, held at the Divan Hotel on October 19th, featured journalist and television presenter Cem Seymen as its last guest. Known for his programs on topics such as agriculture, the environment, innovation, and technology, Seymen shared his experiences in subjects like sustainable agriculture and food technologies in Turkey with the participants. During the seminar’s question-and-answer session attendees had the opportunity to receive answers to their inquiries.

In 2021, AXOR became a part of the Alapala Holding family by acquiring 70% of its shares. AXOR stands out as a leading global solution provider in engineering, manufacturing and installation of equipment for pasta, couscous, pellet and snack production. Headquartered in Cento, Italy, the company excels in tailoring standard production lines to meet the specific space requirements of its customers, offering personalized solutions. 

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