Compact Bread Baking System by WP BakeryGroup

29 May 20192 min reading

WPekmek_bakerygroupWP BakeryGroup presented the Compact Bread Baking System in the Baker’s Equipment section. It is composed of a WP Kemper Imperator CT II dough divider and a Superba Kompakt round and long moulder.

Dividing with accurate weights, gentle processing, quick and thorough cleaning: these are the features of the Compact Bread Bakıng System, a clever combination of the Imperator CT II dough divider and the Superba Kompakt round and long moulder. Its chamber-in-chamber technology makes the Imperator CT II versatile and able to handle large and small weights. It reliably achieves very high weight accuracy thanks to permanent weight monitoring. At the same time, its hydraulic system is optimal for careful handling of the dough. The Imperator CT II is suitable for wheat, mixed wheat, rye, mixed rye and multi-grain dough. The weight to be processed ranges from 150 g to 2,900 g, depending on the version. The performance depends on the dough and ranges from 600 to 1,500 pieces/hour. Dough with a yield of up to 185 can be processed. Dough processing is also very flexible with the Superba Kompakt, because the round pieces can either be removed directly or long-moulded further. The Superba Kompakt combines round and long-moulding in a single machine, and thus utilizes production space efficiently. The moulding belts can be set flexibly and achieve optimal moulding results. The Superba Kompakt is suitable for the production of breads with a net dough weight of 500 to 2,000 g.

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