Polinas produces protective film that destroys coronavirus

23 November 20202 min reading

Polinas, a company operating in the packaging industry, turned over a new leaf in combating the pandemic by producing a protective film with silver ions that has been proven to destroy the COVID-19 virus by 99.2 percent.

Polinas, operating under the structure of Yıldız Holding, produced a protective film with silver ions that was proven to destroy 99.2 percent of the coronavirus. The film, which has a silver ion content known to be effective against bacteria and viruses for centuries and was registered with the name "BOPP AB1F1 / 30µ", is seen as an important development in the fight against the pandemic. The film, which was previously used by Polinas for the packaging industry and has protective properties against viruses and bacteria, was tested at the Antimicrobial R&D and Biocidal Analysis Center in Ankara, where COVID-19 tests are being carried out. According to the laboratory results, it was determined that the protective film killed 71.8 percent of the viruses after the first five minutes, 90 percent after two hours and 99.2 percent after 24 hours.

[caption id="attachment_4002" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Faik Önaldı[/caption]

Polinas CEO Faik Önaldı said that the protective film, which has been proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses in the laboratory environment, will find usage area for itself in many sectors, especially in health and food. Önaldı said, “Right after the break out of the pandemic, we took action with our R&D teams to investigate the effects of our antibacterial films on COVID-19. In this direction, we applied to the Antimicrobial R&D and Biocidal Analysis Center, which conducts tests in the field of COVID-19 in Ankara, and we achieved positive results in the studies conducted here. Our protective film will have a wide range of usage area such as gloves, food packaging, catering equipment in fighting the pandemic.”

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