Sadık Ilgaz to represent Turkey at the World Pasta Championship

14 September 20182 min reading

Barilla will host the most gifted eighteen chefs around the world for the seventh times at the World Pasta Championship. Chief Sadık Ilgaz will represent Turkey at the competition, which will be organized with the main theme of “Eat Positive” at the World Pasta Day.


The count-down has started for the World Pasta Championship which is regarded as the most important activities of the gastronomy world. The most gifted eighteen chefs under 35-year-old around the world will participate in the seventh championship, organized by Academia Barilla in Milano between 24 and 25 October. Chiefs will present their performances by blending Italian pasta with local cuisine. During the two-day event, the new champion of the gastronomy world. For this competition, young chefs will reinterpret the spaghetti with tomato sauce with traditional flavor recipe. The renowned Chief Lorenzo Cogo, Viviana Varese, Luigi Taglienti, Nutritionist Chief Holger Stromberg, and food photographer Britany Wright will be juries of the competition. The main theme of this year’s competition is “Eat Positive.” Thus, the recipes prepared by the participant chefs will affect and promote the consumption of pasta in a positive way. They are expected to develop this vision. Chief Sadık Ilgaz will represent Turkey in the championship. Spending eighteen years in the sector, Ilgaz manages the French restaurant Parle.

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